If you paddle a canoe, dings happen. If you have an unfortunate accident with your canoe, whether it was from getting a little too close to the rocks, or too close to a rock wall in a parking lot, Tiger Canoe can return your canoe to "like new" condition. Tiger Canoe can match your original color and return your Canoe's structural integrity. Sometimes better than the original condition.

General Care

Rinse your boat and iako off after each use. Always remove your seat when not in use and especially when transporting. Vent plug on ama and canoe must be removed when not in use, especially on a hot beach. Periodically check the vent plug straw for obstructions (insects love to build nests in there).

Transporting your Canoe

The most import thing to consider in canoe transport are the position of the canoe anchor points. The further apart the anchoring points the better. This decreases the unsecured windage area fore and aft of the mounting points. This is particularly important when hauling your canoe in heavy cross winds.

Rigging your Canoe

  1. Install front iako into hull and than into ama.
  2. Install rear iako into hull and than into ama. be sure not to over tighten thumb screws.

note: you may be required to twist the rear iako forward while sliding into the rear ama fixture.

Cable Maintenance

It is important to rinse the cable mounting areas with fresh water after every use. Periodic application of of WD40 or similar solvent into the cable housing will help dissolve salt build up and lube cables.

Steering Cable Maintenance

Changing the Steering Cable

  • 1/16" Stainless Steel Cable - long enough for both cable runs

  • 4 pcs. 1/4" Shrink Tubing - 3/4 "- 1" lengths

  • 4 each Ferule Crimp Connectors

  • 4 pcs Anti Chafe Tubing (Irrigation tubing) -1 1/2" - 2"

  • Small torch or lighter

  • Crimping tool / Cable Cutter